Intentionally being Intentional

“Actions speak louder than words.”

We’ve all heard it, we’ve all probably used it in an argument (assuming of course, you love confrontation as much as myself), we’ve all adjusting our lives where ever we saw fit because of it. How much often are our actions premeditated, or completely thought through? Words are always meant to be well thought out, but I think actions need to be in the spotlight a little more heavily.

Yoga has brought to my attention that going through the motions is so incredibly easy to do. Whenever the word “intentions” is spoken by my brilliant teachers, I realize my brain might need to be reset. Not only for the mat, but for every instance of life. I am there to get a sweat, pick up some good energy, and once intentions are brought into the flow, it all comes back to my mind.

I’ve intentionally logged on to continue a post, and finish a thought that’s been stuck all week. I’ve intentionally taken a drink of water to quench thirst. Little tasks have so much more meaning once the thought as to why they are completed is factored in. Cheesy and over thought, probably. But getting your brain thinking about each day to day action made is freeing and enlightening.

To putting purpose in every day,



About hannahkaykeon

Finally my favorite number in age so why not start a blog? Colorado girl who is passionate about people and the beauty this world has to offer. Especially if it involves sugar. Frequent over-thinker and known for asking too many questions. Ya dig?
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