Full Circle

Full Circle

After playing sports for 18 years, Laura and I decided it was time to give coaching a shot. Many hours of thrown-together practices and hyper 8 year old giggles, we’ve completely finished our season. These girls gave me more smiles than I thought possible this winter, even with a heartbreaking 2-5 (yeah that’s only 3.5 baskets the whole game) loss right before this picture was taken. It’s awesome to see the other side of athletics and I absolutely have a new found respect for the couple dozen of coaches I’ve had throughout the years. Next up… soccer skillllzzz to coach in the near future 🙂


About hannahkaykeon

Finally my favorite number in age so why not start a blog? Colorado girl who is passionate about people and the beauty this world has to offer. Especially if it involves sugar. Frequent over-thinker and known for asking too many questions. Ya dig?
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One Response to Full Circle

  1. Erin Sags says:

    Also next up, work on sprucing up your coach wardrobe. I can help you with that.. I’m picturing you on black Adidas pants with a black Adidas top.. Ya know keep everyone on their toes.

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