Is this thing on?

Computers are a part of my everyday life, and ironically enough I aim to use this source as a way to “unplug”. To reset my views on social media and the ties in my brain that correspond. It’s vulnerable to put words to paper, but even more so to place your words to a site. Hence, I’ll first and foremost address an addiction I (hopefully) share with many others do who maybe one day will read this blurb/rant/whateveritis. Exhale.

The transition of 20somethingyearold life has swooped in and taken ahold of my everyday thoughts. Becoming aware of your habitual interactions and view points is an enlightening, terrifying experience that has rocked me. Something I struggle with daily as a people pleaser, is a need for approval in every direction. Not only my to boss, but that girl who sat next to me in English class in middle school as well. Why is it that as individuals we obsess over appeasing our acquaintances? I believe social media has somewhat brainwashed our generation to strive for perfection in every aspect, including our “online” personas.  I am a firm believer in real life interactions, and used to claim “I don’t talk about myspace in real life” (remember how big of a deal TOP EIGHTS were?!) but the reality of our society is that these social sites have become a part of us. They should be talked about. But also recognized for what they are: social sites. Not social “meeting up for a drink” or even remotely hearing the heart behind life’s events.  I feel guilty as I have justified an obsession with social media because I’m “passionate about people and their stories”. But the stories that are portrayed through the online world, are still apart of just that: the online world. I’m looking to contribute differently for the next couple of months, but mostly for selfish reasons in that I want exercise for my neurons.

So with 3% battery life and a Tuesday morning commute in 8 hours, I’ve begun my somewhat creative “reset”. I apologize if it’s a bore… or just a longer facebook status you really didn’t feel like reading 😉


About hannahkaykeon

Finally my favorite number in age so why not start a blog? Colorado girl who is passionate about people and the beauty this world has to offer. Especially if it involves sugar. Frequent over-thinker and known for asking too many questions. Ya dig?
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3 Responses to Is this thing on?

  1. Keith says:

    I’m digging this. And……I love the title! Keep the neurons firing. Lovin ya!

  2. Kelli says:

    I agree with Mr. Keith 😉 Thas muh girl!

  3. Erin Sags says:

    Kk boo 🙂

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